The Star “Osmond Fever hits Sheffield” with Slideshow

I am not going to say too much about this report from “The Star” (Sheffield) because you may as well go read it for yourself  BUT I do want to highlight this article instead of just including a link in my Media Coverage Links, for two reasons.

1. Kudos to the author ‘Nick Ward’ for these two sentences quoted from the report:

“A wholesome and cheesy bunch they may be – but no one should deride them for that. Last night they proved that despite advancing years they can still hold an audience captivated.”

Well said Nick, it is so nice to see a reporter not afraid to say that.. Osmond Fans will know what I mean and if you want to comment and tell Nick, then please do so, I have a comment section below.

2. This report comes with a slideshow from the concert, so girls (ok and guys LOL) get your backsides over there to see the slideshow… what you waiting for? :)

The Star, Sheffield, article and slideshow

Admin Note – 1st May 2012 – I just went to check if the article still exists, it does and is a good read but I cannot now see the slideshow, if anyone finds it, please let me know.


  1. Susan McFarlane says:

    I know Jeremy has not been with the Osmonds long bless him! He has taken a lovely photograph of Merrill with a rose but says it is Wayne! Never mind. I can understand why it must be confusing at first. There are rather a lot of them!

  2. Hello again Susan, thanks for your comments, so if I see Jeremy tomorrow, do you think I should tell him LOL – reckon the poor guy is probably knackered.

    Take care

  3. i went to see the osmonds on may 26th and it was just absolutley great. although we had to qeue for about an hour for the live cd and a woman hit another woman for her cd ticket which was wrong and the ambulance came to fetch another woman who looked really ill i hope shes ok!

  4. Sue Marshall (admin) says:

    So glad you liked the show on the 26th Leanne, I do agree that was wrong of the woman to hit the other in the CD queue.

    I also bought the Live concert CD, offered by Live Nation – and do you know what I do not think they anticipated the huge demand for the CD otherwise the organisation for collecting your CD after would have been much better.

    By the time I had worked my way to the front of the Cardiff International Arena, like many others, I got directed to the back of the queue, which was back in the arena, a loooong way.. so I just sat it out in the lobby and waited for the end of the queue to come to me because my feet were already hurting from dancing through a fab Osmond Concert.

    I highly recomment the CD though, for any live concert you go to, great idea, you get to relive YOUR particular concert over and over.


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