Fan review – The Osmonds 50th Anniversary concert at Wembley Arena

Today we have another delightful guest Author, Sandra Thomas, who attended The Wembley Arena 31st May concert by The Osmonds for their 50th Anniversary World Tour. Thanks so much Sandra for sharing your experience with us, over to you:

“I just had to write to your blog as I am still buzzing from the effects of seeing the Osmonds at Wembley Arena on Saturday!

Along with thousands of other (yes, sorry – mainly female) Osmond fans I turned up with my friends with great anticipation and excitement (I couldn’t sleep Friday night as I kept dreamingthat Merrill had got me up on stage to sing with him!!).

I have been to many concerts at the arena over the years and I am always amazed at how “intimate” the venue feels, despite its capacity. The goose bumps started as soon as the lights went down and when the sound of the “crazy horses” music came on we all jumped to our feet and you knew that “this was it – the night we had been waiting for all our lives”!!

We were not disappointed! Every song, every second of that concert made me feel like I was in a time warp and I was a young girl again. Their voices, their smiles, the dancing – everything was perfection. The moving video footage of the old days with their family and the scenes of the screaming fans outside the Rainbow theatre were too much to bear and combined with the music, made a lot of us cry!

One of the highlights was when “little” Jimmy Osmond did a roaring rendition of Long Haired Lover from Liverpool – which had the whole crowd on their feet singing their hearts out – fantastic!!

Image taken During Long Haired Lover from Liverpool

Admin Note: During ‘LHLFL’, huge bouncy balloons were released over the audience heads, as you can see in the image to the left, it was great fun! Photo supplied by Sue Hope (nee Marshall), Admin of “Osmonds Galore”.

Before the concert, my one worry was that they might have thought it a good idea to get Donny to do some of the lead vocals on the “Osmonds” songs – but with the exception of one of my absolute favourites “Darling” (thanks guys!!) it was actually Merrill who sang them – as it should be!! Not that I don’t love Donny , I do, but for me Merrill will always be “the one” – wow that man can sing!

Marie looked and sounded fantastic – I wish her and Donny had sung “Morning Side of The Mountain”, but hey, what they did sing was amazing so I’ll let that one pass.

The second half of the concert just blew everyone away as they sang a medley of all the old hits and when they went off the stage at the end, you knew that with the whole crowd chanting “we want the Osmonds” they just had to come back for one more and when they returned to the stage and sang the encore, the tears flowed again and when we had to finally say goodbye, it was like saying goodbye to a dear, lifelong friend who you knew you probably would never see again but who would remain in your heart forever!

Thank you Alan, Jay, Wayne, Merrill, Donny, Marie and Jimmy – you have made an old lady very happy!!!”


  1. I had a great time at wembley 31.05.08 the boys were great I have heard that there will be a live dvd from wembley is that correct and does anyone know where to purchase it

  2. Sue Marshall (admin) says:

    Hi Sue,

    At this moment in time The Osmonds PA’s are saying there won’t be a DVD of the concert, HOWEVER, there is a Pay Per View of the Wembley Concert, please revisit here later today or tomorrow, I will be doing a post on how you can get that and the Tour Book that Jeremy Hall is currently working on. See my review of Jeremy further down the page.

    Sue Marshall

  3. Susan Lace says:

    i would very much like a dvd of the osmonds at wembley if this isn’t possible how do you get the pay per view.

  4. Sue Marshall (admin) says:

    Hi Susan

    (great name lol).

    I am afraid to tell you that a DVD of the Osmonds 50th Anniversary Wembley Concert was not made so in order to get the pay per view, which I think is still available you need to go join (free to join) then you can go to your member page where you will see the place to click and buy the pay per view.

    This is all explained in one of my previous posts here at Osmonds Galore (along with how to get the fantastic photographic tour book which was made by Jeremy Hall – a link to his site is in my “featured sites” list in the sidebar, his site is called “what’s gotta stay”, go here for the post about the book and pay per view:

    Thanks and good luck.


  5. hi there,
    i also attended the 31st May show. I would also like to by the pay per view of the show, however what show is it, as there were two held at wembley. I can’t see it state the date of the show.
    if you could reply to this, if you know that would be great thanks.

  6. Sue Marshall (admin) says:

    Hi Nicky,

    I am pretty sure it was recorded at the 30th May show, however, it is the only PayPerView that was made.


  7. says:

    Yes I am a male osmond fan! I.m 52 now and have been a fan of them since I was in my teens I know most of the lyrics and would love to correspond with other fans. I saw Donny in London on the night Tommy Cooper died at Her Majesty,s Theatre. were any of you there?

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