Donny Osmond Coming Back to UK with Sister Marie!

Well hopefully… Donny and Marie Osmond might be back in the UK this Autumn of 2009.  They are due to release an album together and that hasn’t been done since 1977 – so about time me thinks.  And the word, straight from the horses mouth (sorry Donny, your not a horse by any stretch of the imagination) is that they are in talks now to come over and either promote the album or perhaps perform a live show.

This is all following their phenomenal success at The Flamingo in Vegas where they are currently putting on a wonderful show to rave reviews.

One of those reviews comes in the form of Radio DJ Alex Belfield of who flew over to see the show and to interview Donny Osmond.

To read the full article AND listen to the great interview go here:

Alex Belfield Interview with Donny Osmond

Amazon link to buy their CD

The interview is about 30 minutes long and what a fun and entertaining interview, I loved Alex’s style of interviewing because our Donny was able to be himself (not that he isn’t always) and they both came out with some cracking jokes.

I feel the need at this point, however, to point out that this trip of Donny and Marie’s is not set in stone yet, as reported by Donny’s assistant Tina Salmon on Donny’s website, this is still in the talking stages and NOTHING is signed yet, so please go ahead and save your pennies for this possible appearance by our lovable brother and sister duo but do not rely on it yet, watch this space for confirmation when and if that comes.  And hey, if you save some money for this and nothing comes of it, you have some savings for Christmas instead, so can’t be bad!


  1. Susan McFarlane says:

    Hi Sue!
    Well, well, well!
    I was a tad worried we had not heard anything about Donny returning to your shores of late so this is wonderful news, even if it is just a rumour! It gives me something to look forward to LOL! I really hope it is true but if you hear any more, you must let me know first ok? Ha ha. The saving money bit might be hard but if there’s a will there’s a way.
    Thanks again Sue for the info!
    Susan M

  2. Sue Marshall (admin) says:

    Hello Sue,

    Nice to hear from you again. Bad news for you though, you missed it. It turns out Marie and Donny came over a couple of weeks ago now and recorded in front of a live audience the TV show “An Audience with Donny and Marie” – unfortunately I had some family issues going on and was too late by the time I heard about it to report it here…

    However, I will do some digging next week in case they will still actually be over again to promote their album which will be coming out in the Autumn, it could be they did the recording live of the show to be broadcast at around the same time as the release of the album, so perhaps they will be back, I will do my best to let you know.


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