Donny and Marie Osmond UK Tour Dates and Tickets

The Donny and Marie Osmond UK Tour dates for 2013 have been announced and tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday 8th June 2012, so tomorrow!! The Fan pre-sale happened yesterday on 6th June and I was lucky enough that a good friend, who knew I could not afford to pay for a ticket now or even in the coming months, bought one for me and is letting me pay him back between now and January 2013.. not something I asked for, my friend just stepped up and it really meant a lot to me and restored my faith in humanity, so thank you friend, you know who you are!

Links to buy tickets are at the top of this site, under the “Buy Tickets” tab.

I have been reading the website, Facebook Fan page and updates of my Osmond friends on Facebook and there is a lot of discussion over mainly the much higher price of tickets for this tour, also the fact that there are no venues in the North of England and lastly, no Meet and Greet with Donny and Marie.

Ticket Price

A few years ago tickets would be around the £40 to £50 mark (with fees) but for this tour, the best seats are around £77 and then you have to add fees as well. As far as I can see a fair few fans are just not going to go, refusing to pay that much for a ticket, this would have been unheard of a few years ago when Donny used to tour here regularly. I wonder, as do many, will the venues even sell out at this price? I would love to hear what people think about the pricing for this tour, please do comment below.

Venues (or lack thereof)

There are only ten dates for this tour and among others Newcastle is not on the list, angering a lot of fans. I guess if there is only time for a ten date tour you can’t get everywhere… but what are your thoughts?

No Meet and Greet

So far, there are no Meet and Greets planned with Donny and Marie and a lot of fans, who have never met either of their idols yet are really disappointed about this.  And please people, don’t get mixed up with a M&G and the actual VIP ticket packages you can buy in some places – the VIP is NOT the same thing, you will pay a lot of money, generally for a guaranteed ticket in the first, lets say 10 rows (I have never heard of anyone actually getting a front row ticket this way but I could be wrong, please if you know of someone, let us know in the comments). You will also normally get a nice meal, a cocktail or drinkey of some kind, usually, better parking but you WILL NOT get to meet Donny and Marie with these packages, my opinion, you will be better off doing your best to book a decent ticket and don’t go for those VIP things.. you will be disappointed.

Even if they do change their minds later and do M&G’s please be aware that it will cost more, you will most likely NOT be able to take photo’s yourself and you will get at most a minute or two with Donny and Marie, it’s the nature of the beast, there will be lots of others there too and they do not have time to spend a long time with you.

I did wonder if, Donny and Marie decided against doing this because they knew the already high ticket price for seats to this tour and didn’t want to add to the expense with the tempation of a Meet and Greet. Do we actually know how much they control ticket prices, I don’t think we do. But again, let’s hear your thoughts and previous experiences if you have any in the comments below.

So I will be at the Cardiff concert and I am looking forward to that very much, I hope to see lots of you there, if you recognise me, please come and say hello.

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  1. Hi Sue,
    I will be going to Liverpool mainly because it is a weekend concert.
    I would have prefared there to have been concerts at Sheffield or Newcastle.
    I agree the price of the tickets are a bit steep and with extra for overnight accommodation and petrol will mean I will only be going to one concert this time.
    I am looking forward to it though! :O)
    Julie x

  2. Sue Marshall (admin) says:

    Hi Julie,

    Yes this seems to be a widespread story amongst Donny fans at the moment, before a lot of fans would always go to as many concerts as they could (myself included back in the day lol) but now, the much higher ticket price and as you say then adding travel and accomodation costs, just prohibits it.. again, which leads me and many others to, will they fill the venues?


  3. Well, I could never understand how people could afford the time or money to travel the country seeing multiple concerts etc. But I’m not judging. :) As to higher prices. Inflation. Everything is so expensive now. But £65 for O2 seats: over the next 7 months = £2.50 a week . So good idea to cut the chocolate, coffee, and or drinks out bill and put the money to a better cause!

  4. Sue Marshall (admin) says:

    Thanks for your comments Pam :) – I know that near the stage tickets are £77 at Cardiff (that’s without fees, etc so it’s more than that in the end) and I presume they would be the same at the 02? £65 sounds a lot still, even with inflation for tickets in “the gods” as they say..

    Again, I don’t personally think the artist dictates the price of the ticket but I could be wrong. Anyone know?


  5. Hi Julie! I am reading in these posts, what I have been thinking! I was just worried that I had “grown out ” of Donny concerts, but now realise my reservations(excuse the pun!) are to do with the very things that have been posted on here. I also thought I was the only person feeling this way, and now realise that I am not! as has been mentioned once you add up ticket price,accomodation, travel, petrol , carparking(not cheap!).. I dont think you would get much change from £300! I have NEVER sat back and thought “I’ll see nearer the time”so this “sitting it out” is a first for me as far an Osmond concert is concerned. I am also waiting to see what venues the Brothers are doing, and I dont think I will be the only one. it used to be “see an Osmond at any cost” but with everything being so expensive, some of us have to make some brutal choices!
    Thanks for a lovely site!

  6. Sue Marshall (admin) says:

    Totally understand you Kathy.. The recent Brothers tour I was unable to go to any of them as money is too tight right now and even they played just up the road from me, I didn’t go, that was a killer for me, not being able to go, I felt so guilty as an Osmond fan too…


  7. Sara Driscoll says:

    Hi Sue,

    I’ve noticed that you recommend Seatwave for tickets. I have bought two D&M tickets from Seatwave at the LG Arena, Birmingham (front row, extortionate price but I’d pay anything for the front row!!). After I bought the tickets I began to read the reviews of Seatwave and they weren’t very good. People saying that tickets weren’t arriving (not for D&M) and, worse, when people got to the venue, they were told that their tickets were not valid if bought from Seatwave. Apparently, some sellers (not all) contact the original firm that they bought the tickets from (Ticketmaster etc.) and tell that firm that the tickets never arrived so the firm cancels the tickets and sends them replacements. The seller then sells the cancelled tickets through Seatwave so the buyer (like me, for example) then has in their possession tickets that aren’t valid. Seatwave aren’t to blame of course because they don’t know if tickets are valid or not. I am very worried now that my tickets either won’t arrive or won’t be valid when I get to the LG next January. What do you think? I need someone to put my mind at rest. Thanks.

  8. £75 for tickets in Belfast so very expensive. Any competitions to meet them?

  9. Maybe next time. Was disappointed when I read about the meet and greet packages anyway where you can’t even take your own photos. Last time I saw them all in Belfast I was prevented from using the new camera I bought especially for the occasion. Must have thought I looked like a real photographer!!! Told the instruction came from the Osmonds.

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