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ITV1 Show Take Me Out Series 6

ITV1 Show ‘Take Me Out’ is back and they want you! Again!

If you are single then ITV1 show “Take Me Out” is just about to record their 6th series and they would love to hear from you. This is a direct quote from their email to me “who knows, we have be able to get a Donny looking man for them!“.. I have put in bold the very interesting bit. [Read more...]


Word Search Fun

Comment below with your answers, let’s see who is first, have fun! If you want to share, please go ahead!

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Donny Osmond and Susan Boyle Gangnam Style

Donny Osmond does Gangnam Style with Susan Boyle

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Donny Osmond does Gangnam Style (not a sentence I thought I would ever  type lol) with Susan Boyle! Well among other things but rather than me [Read more...]

Take That tickets on Viagogo

Buy & Exchange Tickets at Viagogo on Osmonds Galore

I have been approached to advertise Viagogo on Osmonds Galore. What is Viagogo you may ask?, it is a buy and sell ticket exchange site. I have had a good look around and like what I see, I have also searched for Donny and Marie UK Tour tickets and there are a good few on there, some nice seats too.

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Drain Pipe Osmond Fans

When I was 12 years old I was (and still am ) totally in love with Donny. When The Osmonds came to the UK, my friend Lorraine and I wanted sooo much to meet Donny Osmond, so instead of going to school we went off to London.

After meeting some other Osmond fans we found ourselves outside the Rainbow Theatre, we were told that the Osmonds were inside, my friend then said she would climb up a drain pipe, [Read more...]

Donny Osmond & Pauline O'Loughlan

I have Donny Osmond’s initials tattooed on my right finger!

Hello, my name is Pauline, I’m 52 years old & have been an Osmond fan for 41yrs, Donny being my lifelong idol . This is my story…

I’ve followed The Osmonds all through my life even when I had my 3 children I tried to relate their arrival to an Osmond date, anniversary or birthday, the closest I came was my 2nd child who was due on the 11th December, I was ecstatic because Donny’s birthday is the 9th December. I went into labour on the [Read more...]

Donny and Marie Osmond Glasses Small

UK Osmond Fans, Stand Up to Cancer!

Sue has kindly given me permission to post this appeal…


Take Me Out ITV1 Show - Auditioning

ITV1 Show ‘Take Me Out’ is back and they want you!


If you are single (men and women) and you were a teenager in the 1970′s then ITV1 show “Take Me Out” would like to hear from you… Auditions for the show start soon. How do you fancy finding romance on the sunny island of Fernandos? Can’t be bad! All the information you need is [Read more...]

Osmonds Galore Logo

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Some times the post might be a free give-away for instance, or more recently Osmonds Galore was contacted by BBC’s “The One Show” to [Read more...]

Sally and Donny Osmond on The One Show

Donny Osmond, Sally Osmond and BBC’s ‘The One Show’

I always love catching Donny on the TV when I can but Thursday’s edition of the BBC’s “The One Show” when it aired was extra special for me and for one lady and her son. It was special for me because I had a hand in Sally going to the studio with her son and getting to see Donny and have some lovely “Donny Moments” and photos too.. I will let Sally herself tell her story for that day, this is what she had to say [Read more...]